Collaboration with ARTBEAT


This is the first installment in what we hope to be a series of stylized videos showcasing some of the best creative talent that ARTBEAT represents. My contribution was co-directing, editing and finishing this piece.

Pro Bono


This is a general presentation video to speak to the mission and message of Food Fight, an organization dedicated to changing the way we think about and CHOOSE our food. The video serves multiple purposes: live screenings at large events, small screenings at educational gatherings and online viewing as part of Food Fight's action “Tool Kit.” With huge thanks to my friends at HOBO for great sound design.

Pro Bono


This amazing NYC-based advocacy organization fights for safe streets for pedestrians and bikers. As a pro bono project, Transalt was a perfect blend of a non-profit doing good and doing it in my backyard.



Election season is in full swing and I've seen a whole lot of political adveristing lately. Naturally, I had to comment. Meet Richie Clobberbottom in this tongue-in-cheek "Attack Ad" made possible with the voice of the lovely Cecelia Ottenweller. 

Pro Bono


 In 2010, I worked with my undergraduate motion graphics class to produce awareness pieces for nonprofit "clients" as their course thesis. It was the first time I'd tried something like that, and after the semester was over, I was eager to work on my own. 

This was the first full-length pro bono project I did, in early 2011 and it became the start of what's now a five year old tradition at my company: giving back through helping NGO/Non-Profits share their message through motion.

BRAC is an international organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and empowering the poor. It's a cause close to my heart, given my love for travel. 



This was created out of photos, enhanced with motion graphics inspired by Islamic mosaics. It began as a playful exercise following the visit, in 2005, and with the encouragement of friends grew to its current length. I wanted express my thanks for the warm welcome we received, as two 20-something American girls, but even more so, to inspire other travelers to visit, at a time when going to an Islamic country raised eyebrows. To do this without reference to politics or religion, I chose to show the country through the eyes of a visitor - me. It's been called the best photo album ever. I was told to pitch it to the Moroccan Tourism Board. I received complaints about use of toilets and donkeys as somehow insulting to Moroccan people.

Nearly everyone, however, expressed interest in visiting Morocco. So, mission accomplished. PS: This was shot with a crappy 3-megapixel camera so the original was 4x3 and the quality is definitely, well... 2005.