TRAVEL (Best of...)

Ongoing (2006 - now)

A series of juxtapositions, meditating on visual and contextual connections between place, cultures and elements. These moments were found and pieced together over the course of 5 years across USA, Europe, Asia and Central/South America.


2006 - 2010

Inspired by the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, I spent two days photographing the play of light and shadow inside the building. 




I love creating art inspired by other art. This exhibit featured a room, filled with ribbons suspended from the ceiling. The ribbons were just a few inches apart creating a space through which one could meander. The resulting photos bear little resemblance to the installation, instead capturing the sensation of walking through that space.




While roaming around abroad, I encountered this army of chairs. Arranged in perfect rows, they were undoubtedly set up for some later event, but for now sat empty. Over the course of an hour, the photos evolved from recording an occurrence, to breaking apart the scene. The chairs transformed into graphic compositions of colors and shapes. I started blocking out larger, recognizable chunks, then moved on to the curves, playing with sunlight until the scene disintegrated into pure abstraction.





These configurations of sand and random objects were enhanced by the play of the setting sunlight. I loved the naturally created compositions. The title was derived from "sabulous" which means "sandy" – but it is a made up word which felt perfectly suited to these temporary little worlds.




Fifty miles east of Manhattan, this was home to a psychiatric center for over 100 and abandoned since the 1990s. Nature has long taken over the majority of the buildings in the closed off sections of the grounds, and the result is a haunting picture of how fragile and transient our civilization is. All of these images were digitally color-corrected to acutely echo the somber, monochromatic feeling of isolation I felt roaming the grounds alone at dawn, through sunrise.



This is a small collection of images taken on a single trip through California. It seems there'd been a theme I was exploring: slightly surreal, poetic juxtapositions of people and landscape.



This is a collection of life drawing, character designs and various other work on paper. Since I am not currently as engaged in "manual art" as I'd like to be, it doesn't deserve it's own section. But, I'm still quite proud of what can do with a pencil and having this visible inspires me to occasionally pick it back up.


(1994 - ongoing)