My first career choice was explorer. 
My second choice was visual artist. 
My third was entrepreneur. 

I now juggle two and a half out of the three. 

I stumbled on my second choice on the first day of my first real job in 1998. I opened After Effects for the first time and was asked to create a type animation. Guess I did alright, because from then on, my work nickname was "type girl."

I reached my third choice by opening my own boutique agency/motion design studio: Undefined Creative. Despite all the hurdles of starting and maintaining a small business, I let my focus on quality of life shape my company philosophy. I've learned to let myself reap the rewards of being my own boss, and share my story with others through writing, speaking, teaching and mentoring.

While I haven't managed to become a full-time adventuring nomad and run a successful business, I've made my way to fifty seven countries so far – and counting, bringing me closer to career #1. 

Well, fifty eight. I was born in Leningrad, USSR, but both the city and the country were erased from the map since. Now I consider myself a native New Yorker and this place isn't likely to change its name or disappear for a very, very long time.

My name is Maria Rapetskaya.
I'm a full-time creative entrepreneur, a part-time "industry expert" and a lifelong artist in whatever discipline comes my way.


This site is a collection of all the work I do outside of work.